Performance Programme

About the Performance Programme:

Performance is the program in Salisbury Stingrays Swimming pathway for swimmers who want to maximise their abilities as swimmers, aiming for Regional and National level swimming. Swimmers who show the aptitude and desire to peruse national and regional level swimming are invited upon County qualification in two or more events.  

Swimmers will take part in regular morning training and will agree to follow the training program which gives the best opportunity to achieve “full potential”. Swimmers must maintain consistent training volume and quality throughout the growth and development years which is vital to long term success as an athlete. Swimmers should consider themselves as athletes and the right education and information will be provided on a range of topics such as lifestyle, diet and nutrition, energy systems, mental preparation and race tactics

Performance Programme Aims & Objectives:

To develop an environment and culture where swimmers have the ability to reach their full potential as a swimmer. This environment will help swimmers develop a strong work ethic in training, passion for the sport and what they do, success with individual improvement both short and long term, a great team spirit and togetherness with a support net work of parents, team mates, massage therapist and coach.

Swimmers will develop:

  • Great physical abilities; endurance, strength, speed, co-ordination, balance, power, agility. 
  • Cognitive skills which will help swimmers as athletes but also as a person throughout their life; mental strength, self motivation, self discipline, self belief, relaxation techniques, management of emotions, management of anxiety, concentration and focus, self control and self reliance. 
  • Personal qualities and characteristics; respect, loyalty, passion, desire, drive, commitment, leadership, communication skills, positivity, ability to take responsibility personal development.

The Performance Programme aims to develop a strong team spirit and enjoyment for time spent with peers at training and competition as well a strong social element to allow swimmers time to relax and bond.

Age Range: 

Senior Performance: Girls 14 yrs and Boys 15 yrs plus 

Age Group Performance: 12 – 14 yrs Girls and 13 – 15 yrs Boys 

Junior Performance: 10 – 12 yrs Girls and Boys                              

(Ages are given as a guide based on chronological development, biological age will be a strong consideration in a swimmers training program)      


Swimmers progression has an emphasis on aerobic development and conditioning till maturity and break point volume, individualisation of fitness and technical training. Shoulder, elbow, core, spine and ankle stability and strength are developed, refinement of specific technical skills, tactical preparation and mental preparation progress to aid competitive performances and peak strength development occurs upon maturation.

Swim Specific: 

Enhanced execution of all four strokes and Individual Medley including a wider range of events including distance. Swimmers will have the ability to perform multiple races per day and improve from heats to finals. Upon maturation swimmers will specialise in an event(s).

Athlete Development Support Pathway Stage:

Senior Performance: 

Train to Compete and Train to Win (maximise performance) - Typical Weekly Volume: 40-45km

Age Group Performance: 

Train to Train (build the engine) - Typical Weekly Volume: 30-40km

Junior Performance: 

Learn to Train (Develop enhanced motor skills and fundamental movement skills) - Typical Weekly Volume: 20-30km


Minimum Attendance:

Junior Performance - 10 years minimum 5 sessions, 11-12 years minimum 6 sessions 

Age Group Performance  - Girls 12-14 years and boys 13-15 years minimum 7 sessions 

Senior Performance  - Girls 14 years and boys 15 years minimum 8 sessions 

Pool Hours - 17 hours 45 minutes per week available

Land Training Hours - 2 hours per week available

Gym - 2 hours per week available

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