18 May 2021

This weekend marked a significant step forwards for the Stingrays Swim School with the launch of our new swim hat scheme.

This exciting new development is part of our continued strategy to invest in our Swim School to improve the quality of swimming lessons and help children learn in a progressive and fun environment.

We are grateful to Wiltshire Council for their Area Board Grant award of £798 which has helped fund the new hat scheme and equipment needed. Our fundraising officer Philippa Hemming who led the funding application reported that the Council thought “it was an excellent project, and that Stingrays is a very good swim club”.

Our new programme aims to help swimmers attain the right skills to transition more smoothly from our swim school to one of our squads that cater for competitive swimming, swimming for enjoyment/fitness or water polo.

The swimmers learn strokes one at a time and progress is continually monitored each term with an assessment focussed lesson at the end of term. This means swimmers can be moved at any time during the term if they achieve the required stroke proficiency and technique. Swimmers will receive a new hat as they move groups, and badges will soon be available to show their achievements.

Since the introduction of the new scheme, we have already seen many swimmers already make the successful transition and develop much improved swimming strokes.

Here is an explanation of the hat colour system:

 If you are interested in finding out more about swimming lessons with Salisbury’s only specialist swimming club, please get in touch with us here.

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