Summer Time Trials 2021

Licence Level 4 

Saturday 10th July & Saturday 17th July  

Five Rivers Leisure Centre, Salisbury

Rules and Entry information

  1. The purpose of the Club Time Trials is to enable club swimmers to get a time on British Rankings to enable them to enter competitions and open meets with evidenced times, including county times where possible. 
  2. The Club Time Trials will be held under Under Swim England Laws and Regulations and Swim England Technical Rules of Racing – all swimmers must be Category 1 or 2 registered with Swim England. 
  3. Age groups will be 9yrs, 10yrs, 11yrs, 12yrs, 13yrs, 14yrs, and 15+yrs – age as at 31 December 2021. 
  4. All events will be HDW and placings will be awarded for the first 3 placings in each age group and event. Entries will be seeded into heats based on entry times; the slowest heats in each event will be swum first. 
  5. Swimmers may enter events with no times. Where entry times are submitted these can either be from a previous licensed meet and should be those for a 25m pool (conversions of Long Course times are necessary) or from a recent unofficial time taken at training by the coaches.
  6. Please be reminded that times achieved at level 4 Club Time Trials do not qualify for entry to regional or national competitions.
  7. Entries must be made electronically, via Swim Club Manager, to Lizzie Stewart (Club Competition Coordinator) on or before 6pm, Sunday 4th July 2021. Payment for entries must be made through Swim Club Manager by Credit/Debit Card or through the addition of the amount to the monthly direct debit for club fees.
  8. Entry fees are £4.00 per event.
  9. There will be no refunds for withdrawals except for medical reasons. Withdrawals for medical reasons will be accepted up to 72 hours prior to the event and evidence will be required to enable refunds to be processed.
  10. Whilst every attempt will be made to offer a full suite of events, the promoter reserves the right to cancel an event if there are too few entries to make it viable.
  11. The promoter reserves the right to refuse admission to any competitor or spectator not complying with the relevant code of conduct, particularly in cases of bad behaviour, offensive language, and inappropriate interaction with the officials.
  12. Under SE child protection laws, all spectators, swimmers, and coaches wishing to use any devices capable of photography or video recording are expected to follow the SE Good Practice Guidelines.
  13. Data Protection Act 2018 – please be reminded that Salisbury Stingrays ASC uses a computer to record entries and results. By submitting entries and accepting entry to the time trials, consent is thereby given (as required by this act) for us to hold your personal information on a computer. Personal data such as Name, Club, Date of Birth, and times entered/recorded will be provided to British Rankings after the time trials.
  14. The Referee reserves the right to alter these conditions, if necessary, to ensure the smooth running of the meet subject to meeting licensing criteria.  Any matter not covered by these conditions shall be at the referee’s discretion if not covered by SE Law or Technical Rules.
  15. For the avoidance of doubt, the referee’s decision is final, subject to SE Law. The competition will be run strictly to Swim England ‘Return to Competition’ COVID guidelines at all times.

Programme of Events

Session 1 – Saturday 10th July 2021, Warm up 4.00pm – Girl’s lanes 1-4, Boys 5-8

1. Girls 9 & over 200m IM

2. Boys 9 & over 200m Freestyle

3. Girls 9 & over 200m Freestyle

4. Boys 9 & over 200m Breaststroke

5. Girls 9 & over 200m Breaststroke

6. Boys 9 & over 100m Butterfly

7. Girls 9 & over 100m Butterfly

8. Boys 9 & over 100m Backstroke

9. Girls 9 and over 100m Backstroke

Session 2 – Saturday 17th July 2021, Warm up 4.00pm – Girl’s lanes 1-4, Boys 5-8

10. Boys 9 & over 200m IM 

11. Girls 9 & over 200m Butterfly 

12. Boys 9 & over 200m Butterfly 

13 Girls 9 & over 200m Backstroke 

14. Boys 9 & over 200m Backstroke 

15. Girls 9 & over 100m Breaststroke 

16. Boys 9 & over 100m Breaststroke 

17. Girls 9 & over 100m Freestyle 

18. Boys 9 & over 100m Freestyle

Event Timings for 10th & 17th July

4.00pm - All volunteers and coaches to begin set up. Public cleared from pool hall and team set up blocks and pads etc, lifeguards set up lane ropes. 

4.10pm - Swimmers to start queuing. 

4.20pm - Swimmers are allowed poolside and are to get ready in their designated seating areas. 

4.30pm - 4.50pm - Warm Up, swimmers allocated designated lanes. 

4.30pm - Officials meet at the back entrance to Five Rivers. 

4.50pm - Officials come poolside once swimmers are sat down in their designated seating areas. 

5.00pm - First race 7.00pm - Last race (depending on session) 

7.05pm - 7.25pm Swim Down 

7.30pm to 7.40pm - Swimmers to leave pool hall. Parents ready to collect from 7.30pm.

7.40pm to 8.00pm - Equipment pack away.