Sprint Squad

About Sprint Squad:

Sprint squad is the program in Salisbury Stingrays Swimming pathway for swimmers who want to maximise their abilities as sprinters over 50 and 100m events, aiming for County and Regional level swimming with the possibility of national qualification. Swimmers will take part in regular land training to develop their physical capacities for sprinting and will agree to follow the training program which gives the best opportunity to achieve full potential as a sprinter. Swimmers must maintain consistent training quality to progress their abilities. Swimmers should consider themselves as athletes and the right education and information will be provided on a range of topics such as lifestyle, diet and nutrition, energy systems, mental preparation and race tactics

Sprint Squad Aims & Objectives:

To develop an environment and culture where swimmers have the ability to reach their potential as a sprint swimmer in 50m and 100m events. This environment will help swimmers develop a strong work ethic in training, passion for the sport and what they do, success with individual improvement both short and long term, a great team spirit and togetherness with a support network of parents, teammates, professional sports support staff and coach.

Swimmers will develop: 

  • Physical abilities – strength speed, speed strength, fast reactions, speed of movement, power. 
  • Cognitive skills - which will help them as an athlete but also as a person throughout their life; mental strength, self-motivation, self-discipline, self-belief, relaxation techniques, management of emotions, management of anxiety, concentration and focus, self-control and self-reliance. 
  • Personal qualities and characteristics; respect, loyalty, passion, desire, drive, commitment, leadership, communication skills, positivity, ability to take responsibility personal development.   
Sprint Squad aims to develop a strong team spirit and enjoyment for time spent with peers at training and competition as well a strong social element to allow swimmers time to relax and bond.

Age Range: Girls 14 years and Boys 15 years and over


Emphasis on “USRPT” (ultra-short race pace training), anaerobic conditioning, progressive lactate production and tolerance, train the intermediate muscles fibres for reaction and speed.

Swim Specific:

Enhanced execution of form stroke, starts, transitions, break outs, turns and finishes specialising in 50m – 100m events. Swimmers will have the ability to perform at optimal levels and understand how to recover to perform heats and finals on one day.

Athlete Development Support Pathway Stage Sprint Squad: Train to Compete and Train to Win (maximise performance) 

Typical Weekly Volume: 10-15 km

Attendance: minimum 5 sessions per week

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