Learn to Swim 

This section is dedicated to our Learn to Swim programme.  Swimmers within our swim school range from 4 to 12 years old. The programme consists of 10 x 30-minute swimming lessons per term which provide progressive teaching leading to squad training and competitive swimming.      

Aims and Objectives

The learn to swim programme follows the Swim England Learn to Swim Programme, the national teaching syllabus to deliver safe, inclusive and effective swimming lessons. The programme is underpinned by the principles of Swim England’s Athlete Development Support Pathway.   

The structure and content are games-led to ensure it is engaging and motivational for learners of all ages and abilities. 

Water confidence and competence is developed using a comprehensive range of Awards and badges. 

Age Range

Boys and Girls 4 – 12 yrs   

Lesson Duration

10 x 30 minute lessons per term.   

Sessions are Sunday’s at 5 – 5.30pm or 5.30pm – 6pm.

Swim School Framework

The framework has 10 stages with stages 1 - 7 being at the heart of the programme. It takes a games-led approach to learning to swim, and teaches the core aquatic skills needed to become a competent swimmer: 

  1. Entry 
  2. Exits 
  3. Floatation and Balance 
  4. Rotation and Orientation 
  5. Streamlining 
  6. Aquatic Breathing 
  7. Travel and Coordination 
  8. Water Safety 
  9. Health and Fitness 

By learning and then merging these skills, a child will be able to understand the processes needed to swim all of the four strokes; front crawl, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly. 

When a swimmer is able to complete all the outcomes consistently for the stage they are at they will be rewarded with a badge and certificate and will be moved into the next stage.   

Once a swimmer can perform all four strokes they will progress into our pre-competitive lessons.

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