Our Swim School

This section is dedicated to our Learn to Swim lessons. Swimmers within our swim school range from 4 to 12 years old. The programme consists of 10 x 30-minute swimming lessons per term which provide children with lifelong skills and love for being in the water with our unique, fun and effective teaching program. 

Aims and Objectives 

Stingrays Swim School aims to give children lifelong skills and a love for being in water with our unique, fun and effective teaching programme. Stingrays Swim School program focuses on teaching children one stroke at a time enabling them to master the fundamental movements and processes until proficient before progressing to the next stroke. We aim to teach all children to the standard required to progress along anyone of the clubs three pathways if they wish to do so; Academy (Fitness and Wellbeing), Competitive (County, Regional and National Level Swimming) or Waterpolo. 

Age Range 

Boys and Girls 4 – 12 yrs 

Lesson Duration 

10 x 30-minute lessons per term 

Sessions are Sunday’s 5 – 7pm. 

Swim School Framework 

The framework has 4 stages; White Rays (beginners), Red Rays (Backstroke), Green Rays (Front Crawl) and Black Rays (Breaststroke):

  • Each stroke is broken down into phases to facilitate learning and teaching. 
  • Previously learnt strokes and techniques are reinforced through engaging warm-ups and contrasting activities to enable the seamless transition through the programme.
  • Young children learn incredibly fast by using repetition as it helps reinforce new skills until they become part of the muscle memory (automatic) which is why we ‘perfect’ one stroke at a time.
  • Swimmers are rewarded with various badges for each stage; for the skill, the distance and diving.
  • Stingrays Swim School teachers will be in the water for the 30-minute lessons to support swimmers and make sure they practice as perfectly as possible.
  • Using consistent terminology and teaching methods throughout our programme further aids in the seamless transition through the programme.
  • Our teachers are invested in throughout the year to ensure they maintain the high standards and enthusiasm that our teachers are proud of.
  • Stingrays Swim School teachers will work with you and your children to overcome any fears or anxieties that they may have so that they can discover a love for the water. 
  • Where possible teachers will remain the same throughout the term and stage. On occasions of illness, another Stingrays teacher will be asked to step-in and teach different a lesson. 
  • On successful attainment of our ‘Rays’ stages swimmers will progress into our Pre-Competitive lessons.

Stingrays Swim School is part of Salisbury Stingrays Swimming Club a charitable organisation aimed at promoting and developing aquatic disciplines. We are a non-profit making organisation and all income received from lesson fees goes towards pool hire, staff, equipment and reinvested in the development of the Swim School for our members.   

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