Water Polo

Water Polo is a game that captures a number of different facets of some of the more popular sports in world culture.  Much of what is involved with water polo is coparable to the sports of hockey, basketball and football.


Physiologists have ranked the sport as one of the most strenuous activities of all. The exercise of swimming itself utilizes many sets of muscles, add to that the head-high ball handling skills of passing and shooting, the leg support generated through the eggbeater kick and physical contact between players and you have a thoroughly arduous sport.

The game started as far back as the mid-1800’s, with a submersible ball and played in a rugby style.  It has obviously changed quite significantly since then and the game we play today although still physically demanding does not perhaps have quite the same lack of discipline as the earlier versions.  Women were not involved in water polo until the early 1900’s but since then have gone from strength to strength.  This is a sport that not only is demanding physically but is great fun so if you are fed up of swimming up and down following that same blue line maybe Water Polo is for you.