Stingrays Club Kit

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Getting Kitted Out…

Named and Un-named Hats (Woodchester) Club swimming hats are a compulsory piece of kit that swimmers are required to wear at swim meets. Hats are available named or un-named. Nicknames can be used but these must be suitable.

Poolside Shirts (Zeon) Club shirts are green, red and black. These are a compulsory piece of kit that squad members are required to wear at swim meets. These are non-compulsory for other areas of the club, and can include the words MASTERS or WATERPOLO across the back.

Club Jackets (Zeon)  Club jackets are green, red and black, they are optional for all club members but look really good when attending meets/competitions.

Hoodies (Price & Buckland) Club hoodies are available for all club members and supporters too.  Waterpolo hoodies can have WATERPOLO down the sleeve.

Note for squad swimmers – the club hoodies should not be considered a substitute for the compulsory club shirt

Polo Shirts (Price & Buckland) Black supporters’ polo shirts, all available with our club logo.  (Polo shirts are adult sizes only).

Hoodies and polo shirts are available to anyone who wishes to be associated with Salisbury Stingrays. Wearing your polo shirt/hoodie as a group will give maximum impact and show our swimmers that we support them as a club.

Swans Goggles in club colours are available mirrored or non-mirrored.

Club Water bottles are available at £5 each.

Club Shoe bags. These are good for poolside when large bags are not permitted, £2 each.

Specific Waterpolo Kit can be found on the Waterpolo pages here

How to Order…

Minimum orders are set for all the above kit, so if the minimum is not met, an order will not be placed.  When ordering for the club all members will be emailed and asked for their own orders, this helps achieve the minimum order requirements.

To place an order, please complete the Stingrays Club Kit Order Form and place it together with payment in full into the orange box on the shelf in the clubroom.

Any queries please come and see Amy Marsden or Bridget Withers-Jones at the pool. Or email

Size Charts  Our order form includes the sizes from all suppliers.  If you have any doubt about the sizing, ask someone who already has either a shirt/hoodie to check the sizing, as these are bespoke ordered and unfortunately cannot be returned.

There is a size chart for T-shirts, Hoodies/Poloshirts in the clubroom.

Swimming Discounts…

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