Our Squads

As a swimmer progresses through the Club, training intensity and volume increase, as does the commitment from the swimmer, requiring support from the swimmer’s family.

You can find full information about our Squad Pathway here.

C Squad

Our ‘C squad’ is the first competitive squad in our squad structure. It is here the swimmer gets their first experience of competitive swimming training and swimming competition. There are three available sessions per week with a total of four hours.

It is a skill based squad where children between the ages of approximately 8 and 10 years start to learn a higher standard of swimming practices across all four swimming strokes. Swimmers will also be introduced to some basic blood flow/ mobility exercises and stretching routines.

During this time a priority of ours is to start to build an aerobic fitness/capacity to become the foundation for forward development, as explained in the LTAD document.

B Squad

Our ‘B squad’ follows on from ‘C squad’ and takes the next step in skill development and aerobic training. There are four available sessions per week with a total of eight hours pool training.

Targeting swimmers ages 10-13yrs approx, ‘B squad’ continues to focus on skill and aerobic development, building upon the foundation set in ‘C squad’. Swimmers are also educated in the most basic of body weight exercises such as sit ups, squats, lunges, press ups and dips as well as improving their knowledge of knowledge of blood flow/ mobility exercises and stretching routines

 Development Squad

Our ‘Development Squad’ is one of the paths following on from our ‘B squad’ and takes the next step in a swimmers development. Targeting swimmers aged 11-13yrs, our development squad has five available sessions with a total of ten hours pool time.

Our ‘Development Squad’ brings a greater emphasis on a higher intensity of training and hard work. It is here our training programme progresses the swimmer’s development in preparation for our performance squad, whilst maintaining a continued skill development.

Swimmers in this squad will be invited to long course training.

 A Squads

Our ‘A Squads’ provide an opportunity for swimmers of all standards above the age of 13 to still enjoy training and competition, who at the same time can not commit to a full training programme.

Swimmers can enter our ‘A Squads’ via our B Squad, Development Squad or Performance Squad. In this squad the focus is very similar to our ‘Performance Squad’ but met with a more relaxed approach to attendance and competition.

Some swimmers in this squad may be invited to long course training.

Some swimmers from A Squad may be invited to join the Development or Performance Squad should the coach so decide.

 Performance Squad

Our ‘Performance Squad’ follows on from our ‘Development Squad’.

This squad is suitable for all swimmers ages 13yrs & over who are of a standard that can commit to the training programme and competition programme, and can cope with the demands of those programmes.

This squad has fifteen hours training available spread over seven pool sessions.

Our Performance Squad is the highest level of squad in our structure and aims to fully prepare each swimmer with all aspects of training and preparation needed to excel in the sport of swimming.

It is here swimmers aged 14/15 start to think about their specialised events and have a training programme suited for their development whilst considering the overall needs of the squad.

Swimmers are invited to long course training.