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Salisbury Stingrays AGM

The AGM will be held on Tuesday 29th November in the Conference Suite at Five Rivers Leisure Centre, starting at 6.30pm. Everyone is welcome, please come and find out what the club is all about.  Attached are the Agenda and minutes from the last AGM.

Below are also the Chairmans Report and Finance Reports, plus reports from the sub-committees.

Salisbury Stingrays 200 Club

Would you like to win a few extra pounds this month.  Would you like to help raise a bit of cash for the swimming club.  We have decided to start a 200 Club.  This will be a private lottery club governed by Salisbury Stingrays ASC

Like all fundraising activities, the success of the Stingrays 200 Club depends on a strong membership. The more people that join, the more money raised and the more prize money there is.
If every member in Salisbury Stingrays ASC represented one Draw Number, then the 200 Club would raise £200 each month.

1. The Stingrays 200 Club shall commence on 1st May 2011.
2. Membership of the Club shall be by payment of a subscription of £12 per year per number, payable in advance. Members may have multiple subscriptions and hence multiple numbers.
3. Members joining later in the year will be charged on a pro-rata basis, to fall in line with the renewal date of 1st April each year.
4. 50% of the monthly payments make up the “Prize Fund” while the remainder goes to Salisbury Stingrays ASC.
5. Anybody over the age of 16 can become a member of the Stingrays 200 Club. Membership is restricted to those associated with Salisbury Stingrays ASC.
6. The Stingrays 200 Club shall not be limited to 200 members.
7. A member is eligible for inclusion in the draw for any month so long as the subscription for that month has been paid.

Please contact Sam Balshaw at and register your interest please leave a cheque in the Stingrays Office in the blue file for the year whcih is £12, you can buy as many tickets as you like in multiples of 12 for example 2 tickets for the year would be £24.  You will then be contacted with your number and issued with a copy of the ticket or tickets and a opy of the rules.  The draw will take place at the end of every month and you will be contacted if you are a Winner.  Cheques made payable to Salisbury Stingrays ASC.

Full Committee Meeting Saturday 11th December 2010

The following bullet points give an overview of the decisions made at the last full committee meeting.

  • Auditors have been appointed to check the accounts during the coming financial year.
  • Club Secretary position remains vacant.  It was agreed a job description would be circulated and a Swim21 co-ordinator would be appointed seperately.
  • Negotiations for more pool time at 5R are ongoing, but it is looking hopeful for an extra lane in the morning and perhaps starting to swim at 5.30 instead of 6am to allow a full 2 hour session for everyone.  The extra pooltime will be particularly useful as we have come to an arrangement whereby the tri-club will train for 1 hour in the morning on Mon, Thur and Sat.
  • There was a discussion regarding Senior Club and the lack of pool time they have with the new timetable.  It was agreed that this was an important section of the squad and that the timetable will be amended to give them a total of 7 hours possible swimming per week adding Sunday 5-6pm and Friday 6.15-7.15 at Godolphin to their allocation.
  • Treasurer is to review Finances in January re; funding of Head Coach
  • Volunteers need to be recruited.  Ideas of how to do this have been requested.
  • Swimmers council have organised the following events:
  1. Breakfast Club – first one 8/01/11 then monthly
  2. Ice Skating 22/12/10
  3. Bowling Trip in January 2011
  • Ranx Software installed on club laptop and data now being input.
  • Friday evening sessions at Godolphin are going to be focused on Skill Development for swimmers and coaches.
  • Dates for next STA teachers courses:  Level 1 March/ Level 2 July
  • NARS course being run on 02/04/11
  • New pool programme started this week and good progress being made.
  • Attendance very patchy and this to be reviewed and action taken at the end of January 2011
  • Committee agreed to fund the Schools Gala.  Sponsorship to be sourced.

Next meeting to be held on the 15th January 2011

Full Committee Meeting 06/11/10

This meeting was held at Julia Kemp’s house and the committee would like to thank her for her hospitality.  The main decisions made at this meeting are listed below.

  • There will be a parents meeting after the AGM (which is being held at 5Rivers, on Tuesday 16th November @7.30pm) chaired by Laurie Dormer and Eric Henderson open to all members discussing the future plans for the club particularly the competitive squads. They will particularly discuss the Wiltshire Championships and how Bagcat points work.
  • The Annual membership fee will be increased in January in line with the increase in registrations fees imposed by the ASA.  General membership will be £12 and Squad and Masters membership will be £30.
  • The Squads have been re-named.  Elite 1 and 2 are now called T2.  Junior Elite is T1.  Junior Development is SD4 and those lanes below this are named SD3, SD2 and SD1 (SD = Skill Development).
  • At the AGM it was pointed out that the Secretary post will be vacant at the AGM and please contact Ted Richards if you are interested in filling this important role.
  • The accounts were submitted and approved by the committee.
  • Sub-committee reports were reviewed and discussed.
  • Swimmers committee had a very productive meeting and various social events were put forward including ice skating, and bowling.  Also a regular monthly breakfast event was suggested.  If you would like to help with any of these events please contact Phil Muspratt.
  • Laurie will give an additional talk after the nutritional talk on the 24th November at 5 Rivers on the developing swimmer and how they develop their swimming as they grow and mature.
  • The new squad structure was discussed and approved and will be implemented from the 5th December 2010
  • The next committee meeting will be held on 11th December at Carol Vaughan’s House@ 9am