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Some History

wp5bb4de2aThe Salisbury Masters squad has grown since 1984, from a handful of swimmers to over thirty members. In 1989 they developed into a separate section of the swimming club and as a group they have won the yearly Wiltshire Masters Championship a number of times. Various members have broken and are still breaking, county and national records. Some have also competed successfully in international events.

Interested and would like a trial?

The Salisbury Masters do require all members to take part in competition. Potential members are offered a trial, to allow the coach to assess an applicant’s current and possible future capabilities. Training is given in all the main strokes, although in some cases, a particular permanent injury might preclude a member swimming certain strokes.

You do not have to be an excellent swimmer in all strokes to become a member. If you are a reasonably fit and capable swimmer, able to swim four lengths of the swimming pool fairly fast, then you could become a Salisbury Masters Competition Swimmer.

Still interested and would like a trial to join the group? Either come to Five Rivers Leisure Centre on a Monday evening at 8pm or email us: