ASA Decathlon Competition

The ASA run the annual competition which lasts for a full calendar year. You do not need to enter it or pay anything for it.  Any meet with electronic timing which submits results can be involved.

A special formula is used to relate the time of your swim at your age, to a time for age 25.  That time gets points and so this aspect takes age differences out of the competition.    There are separate male & female competitions.

Up to 10 different events contributes to your score. The system picks your best events.
Events are divided into 6 groups – 50m, 100m, 200m in each stroke giving 4 groups.  The other two are (400m, 800m, 1500m Freestyle) and (100m, 200m, 400m IM).
Your best result from each group gives 6 events. The other four are second best results in four different groups.

Click on the  ASA website link for individual results and a more detailed explanation of the decathlon competition. NB if you click on your name it will take you to a break down of yours swims and their points.

NB They do not usually start to publish the current year’s results until a few months have passed.

There are also male & female team events which use the top 4 swimmers in a club.

2016 result

The ladies came 66th out of 459 teams with a total of 9565 points

Swimmer Name   Age Points Swims
Collette Fear   32 3043 7
Sharon Allen   55 2449 7
Philippa Carter   53 2235 8
Shirley Seabrook   43 1838 4

The men came 67th out of 507 teams with a total of 10130 points

Swimmer Name   Age Points Swims
James Chapman   19 2982 9
Robert Langan   29 2600 7
Chris Jessup   70 2462 10
Robert Johnson   25 2086 5

2015 result

The ladies came 55th out of 431 teams with a total of 9792 points

Swimmer Name   Age Points Swims
Kelly Steenkamp   37 2581 7
Sharon Allen   54 2487 7
Fenella Walker   49 2427 7
Philippa Carter   52 2297 8

The men came 75th out of 482 teams with a total of 10097 points 

Swimmer Name   Age Points Swims
Robert Langan   28 3324 9
Chris Jessup   69 2608 10
Ewan Walker   19 2464 9
William Collings-Wells   55 1701 6

2014 result

Our ladies came 44th (out of 385 teams) with 9,462 points.

Swimmer Name Points Swims
Sharon Allen 2744 9
Philippa Carter 2486 8
Fenella Walker 2450 7
Kelly Steenkamp 1782 5

Our men came 49th (out of 461 teams) with 10,734 points.

Swimmer Name Points Swims
Robert Langan 3907 10
Philip Muspratt 3160  6
Jonathan Russell 1892  5
Warren Martin 1775  6