Competition Guidelines

 Competition Kit

  • Water Bottle
  • Goggles & spares
  • Racing Costume, trunks or Jammers & spares
  • Club swimming Caps for long hair & spares
  • Club T-shirts
  • Black shorts or tracksuit bottoms
  • Poolside sports towel (shammy)
  • Small poolside string pull bag
  • Suitable energy snacks


Competition Day Advice

  • Organise and plan well, don’t rush around on the day, stay relaxed
  • Pack your bag the night before and triple check
  • Have a healthy low glycemic breakfast of slow burning energy for the day
  • Arrive at the pool set by the team manager for team talk
  • Perform blood flow exercises when indicated by the coach
  • Perform pool warm up in training costume
  • Stay hydrated, sip a drink every 10-15 mins
  • Substitute a lunch break with grazing throughout the day with low and high glycemic foods. (Slow and fast burning carbs)
  • Go for a walk, don’t get too hot/ agitated and stay fresh
  • Speak to the coach for a pre race pep talk
  • Go to the marshalling area in plenty of time and as directed by the coach
  • Speak to your coach immediately after your race for race debrief
  • Perform a cool down of over 1000m working on any technical points even if it’s your last race of the day
  • After cool down, get dried, warm, re-hydrated and refuelled
  • Support your team mates, they will support you


Energy Fuelling for Competition

It is important that all athletes top up energy levels before they compete. This can be done the night before and the morning of the competition by eating carbohydrate rich meals.

By nature of competition it is likely that an athlete will need to top up energy stores because of multiple races or efforts. At these times it is important that the athlete does not consume foods that will take a long time to digest and the athlete should graze on foods throughout the day and after each race with foods that will be digested quicker and supply energy to the muscles quicker (rather than be stuck in your stomach when you are racing).

Example meals to eat 3-4 hours before (Pre-Competition)

  • crumpets with jam or honey + flavoured milk
  • baked potato + cottage cheese filling + glass of milk
  • baked beans on toast
  • breakfast cereal with milk
  • bread roll with cheese/meat filling + banana
  • fruit salad with fruit-flavoured yoghurt
  • pasta or rice with a sauce based on low-fat ingredients (e.g. tomato, vegetables, lean meat)

Foods to eat 1-2 hours before (During competition)

  • milk shake or fruit smoothie
  • breakfast cereal with milk
  • cereal bars
  • fruit-flavoured yoghurt
  • fruit

Please note, fast foods and foods with high saturated fat content is not a suitable energy source for training or competition, and will contribute to a gain in fat stores on the body.