Committee and Club Officers

The committee is elected annually at the club AGM in November and meets monthly to discuss the details of running the club.

  • Club President – Carol Vaughan
  • Club Vice President – Ron Pankhurst

Executive Committee

  • Chairperson – Melanie Cusack
  • Secretary – Cathy Dennis
  • Treasurer – Joan Chapman
  • Membership Secretary – Fiona Croager
  • Minutes Secretary – Rebecca Morton

Sub Committee Chairs

  • Marketing and Sponsorship – Rob East
  • Competition Officer – Melanie Burn
  • Monitoring Officer – Liz Baker
  • Communication Officer – Nick Morrison
  • Education Officer – Nell Walker
  • Swimming Committee – Mark Corben
  • Swimmers Council – Hazel Cutler
  • Friends Of Stingrays – Sarah Doran

Club Officers

  • Head Coach – Mark Corben
  • Learn to Swim Co-ordinator – Fiona Croager
  • Water Polo Head Coach – Penny Marshall
  • Masters Coach – Ron Pankhurst
  • Masters Rep – John Sneesby
  • Swim 21 Contact – Cathy Dennis
  • Welfare Rep – Claire Demetri

New Junior Rep

Hi, my name is Hazel Cutler, and I am the new Junior Representative for Salisbury Stingrays.


I have been with the club for over 5 years and am part of both the competitive squad and waterpolo team as well as a volunteer Level 1 teacher for Learn to Swim and a trainee J1 official for competitions and meets. As part of the role of Junior Rep, I meet regularly with the Club Committee and I am there to put across the views of all the junior swimmers in the club, allowing everyone to have a say in how the club moves forward in the future. You can come and talk to me when you see me at training sessions, or, if that is not an option, I have set up a Junior Rep email ( ) which you can use to tell me about anything you would like to change or improve within the club. At the moment I feel that there is not as much communication as there should be between the swimmers and those who run the club, but this is something I would like to change, as the club is there to provide a supportive and encouraging environment to all those who are a part of it and should therefore take everyone’s views into account.