About us

The Aims of the Club

  • To promote the teaching and learning of swimming
  • To promote the training of teachers within the National Plan for Teachers
  • To promote competitive swimming and water polo
  • To promote social inclusion via aquatic sport to all members of our local community

Our Mission

  • Ensure everyone has the opportunity to learn to swim
  • Ensure everyone can achieve his or her personal goals
  • Ensure everyone has the opportunity to enjoy swimming as part of a healthy lifestyle
  • Ensure we achieve competitive success

Salisbury Stingrays ASC is the leading competitive swimming club in South Wiltshire. We compete at County (Wiltshire), Regional (South West) and National levels, including various open meets and leagues throughout the year. Competitively we are among the top clubs in Wiltshire and are constantly trying to improve our District and National status. The club structure reflects our various competitive ambitions with squads run by our dedicated team of coaches.

The Masters are the adult competition section of Salisbury Stingrays ASC and cater for all abilities over 19. They participate in masters competitions locally, nationally and internationally with great success.

Our Water Polo squad has both Junior and Senior teams who each train once a week and play in the Dorset league. They also play various friendly matches for various age groups and compete in tournaments locally.

The Stingrays ‘Learn to Swim’ section caters for all stages of the National Plan for Teaching Swimming by Swim England. This is delivered by our qualified volunteer teachers and led by our Section heads for the various nights that we offer teaching. In addition we also hold an annual “Splash Gala”, which gives our swimmers a chance to compete in various events in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.   To contact us about swimming lessons please phone 07765 795125 or email: i...@salisburystingrays.co.uk

The Club is a self-financing structure, with no external income. The revenue to run our Coaching and Teaching Scheme is generated by:
1. Swimming fees and membership subscriptions from club members
2. The promotion of Open Meet competitions
3. Fund raising by members and families.

Salisbury Stingrays ASC is committed to helping all swimmers to achieve their maximum potential and to enjoy participating in aquatic sports. This will be achieved with the aid of high-quality coaching, teaching and support staff, working in partnership with the club officials, parents and most importantly, the swimmers.