Moving Forwards – New Stingrays Chair

As you may be aware the position of Chair for Salisbury Stingrays ASC has been vacant since Chann stepped down at the last AGM. Well the good news is that on Monday Evening I was voted into the Chair position by the committee after putting myself forward. In addition to this Shirley Seabrook has also joined the committee on the basis of becoming the Deputy Chair once the club constitution is updated with this role, but in the interim backfilling my role as Fundraising Rep.

I thought it was important that we introduced ourselves so you know who we are, why we have put ourselves forward for these roles and how we plan to work with you all to move the club forwards in a positive direction.

Both Shirley and I have a background in competitive swimming (I used to swim for Salisbury and Shirley used to swim for Ferndown and Loughborough Uni) and we’re passionate about moving the club forward in the best interests of all the people involved. In addition we have both been supporting the coaching team in the last year and have children in the Stingrays system.

We believe that the addition of the Deputy Chair role to the structure of the club administration will help share the workload and also provide the club with the opportunity to benefit from our combined experiences in swimming, sport and business.

Our first task is to get up to speed with all areas of the club and review the state of play and current performance with the committee and coaches. We will then work in collaboration to decide what the club wants to achieve and put plans into action to take us in the right direction.
We would very much like to hear from you on your thoughts and opinions on the future direction of the club so we have put together this simple and anonymous idea suggestion box survey to collate feedback  –

If you would prefer to talk to us in person we are both usually around on Monday evenings from 1800 to 1845.

Before signing off I thought it was timely to mention that Katy Cutler has become the Salisbury Journal Athlete and Swimmer of the Year for her achievements in representing Great Britain Junior Women’s Waterpolo team. Katy’s achievements are totally awesome!

Tom Beddoes and Shirley Seabrook